Stationary Peaceful Protest

In September 2020, Xhosa began working with Shiyi to visually bring A Stationary Peaceful Protest to life! Tonight, is a community sharing and an exclusive viewing before the film moves into the public domain, after touring film festivals and online publications. So, let’s contextualise a stationary peaceful protest. The abhorrent murder of George Floyd on Monday 25th May 2020 cataclysmically reverberated across the world and was the catalyst for the resurgence of the BLM movement. The BLM movement was originally founded in the United States in 2013 following the acquittal of George Zimmerman who fatally shot 17-year- old Travon Martin. In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder BLM has gained in momentum and has galvanised to become a worldwide movement.

If you listen carefully, Black Lives Matter chants can still be heard by a chorus of activists who are on an international campaign to dismantle systemic racism. Racism is very much embedded in the fabric of our society, like the grains of wood on the tree where Emmet Till was innocently lynched aged 14. Racism is exasperated by the seemingly never-ending story of structural inequalities and racial disparities, in education, in health, within the criminal justice system, of police brutality, say his name Mohamud Mohammed Hassan, propagated further by the media #Meganharryoprah and subjective politicians who gaslight the reader with cognitive dissonance #nigelfarage which fuels racism.

Shiyi Li:

Shiyi Li is an interdisciplinary artist who works in animation, illustration, live performance, and art installation. Born in China, lives in Birmingham, the United Kingdom. Shiyi is known for her ethereal and surreal visual style, dreamy colors, and poetic narratives. Her artworks and animations have been exhibited throughout the world, including Bangkok, New York, Biennale International Design Saint-Etienne France, London Short Film Festivals, Beijing Times Arts Museum. Her animation ‘Burn & Soothe’ has been nominated for the Best Animation Award at BFI Future Film Festival 2021, which screened on BFI player.